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toshiba elevator and building systems employs the forge platform to share and synchronize design information with customers over the internet. the company stores all project data in forge and integrates data between a sales configurator, used to define specifications, and the design systems that house the cad tools (revit, autocad, and inventor).

force effect and force effect motion both allow you to do simulation anywhere for free body diagrams. force effect motion was recently released and allows the user to perform studies with linear actuators and motors and even show trace points. this has really been a nice benefit to me when i am inspecting a user's machine and i can quick snap a pic and use it as the background for my fbd or motion study while in the field. the other side of this coin is that i can then transfer the fbd back to a dxf in my immense autodesk cloud storage and then access back on my pc. oh yea, the reports are cool too, it can save my images, equations, and graphs of data.

the existing floor plan, based on single-occupancy dormitory rooms was reconfigured into three and four person apartment modules, with common kitchens, laundry areas and living rooms. it includes separate bedrooms and bathrooms for each airman with 56 bedrooms arranged in 18 suites. the existing reinforced concrete building was retrofitted to meet the asce requirements for seismic loads and to provide collapse prevention protection.

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