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shaka zulu. the book follows the events of the second anglo-zulu war. it seems that all the british colonies of south africa were in a state of uneasy peace. in the early morning of february 16, 1879, the first shots were heard in northern zululand. the zulu king, shaka zulu, was killed by a bullet to the head. most of the zulus believed that he had been murdered by a british soldier. this act led to the first anglo-zulu war. the zulu king was survived by only two sons. the larger of these two sons, king cetewayo, was crowned as the new king. with shaka gone, the zulu people looked to cetewayo as their king. cetewayo, however, was not interested in taking over the zulu nation. he was now interested in fighting the british. cetewayo did not wish to be king of the zulus. he wanted to be king of all south africa.

the zulus are a matriarchal society with women doing most of the work. zulu males, in return, dedicate themselves to the king, protecting him and his people. this is why, historically, the zulus were better at war than any other african people.

of the three novels, shaka zulu is the most popular among zulu readers and is credited with introducing the ndebele people to literature. it is often read at ceremonies and traditional gatherings of the ndebele people. it is also read at the funerals of zulu people. 

the historians have traditionally followed the sighting of the men by the zulus as the time they were killed. from this point, the chronicle of the battle moves on quite a bit. in reality, the entire event took about five minutes from the moment the first shot was fired to the time the last shot was fired. the zulus then quickly moved to kill the wounded men. after the struggle of the two officers, the zulus simply carried the bodies away and left. the history of the battle is further muddied because of the death of the zulu king, cetshwayo, and his refusal to surrender. he was finally killed on 13th september 1879, but not before the zulu warriors had been fighting on for several days. it is a very sad day for me. to this day, i hate the film zulu. it was my first exposure to racial hatred, and it left me with a lasting hatred of that film. its a film i have never seen again. i never want to have to watch it. 81555fee3f

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After modernising the Zulu warship in June 2010 it was scheduled for a name change, becoming the Zulu-class patrol corvette .

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Zulu Operational Forces, Military Assault Vehicle, MAV, Military Assault Vehicle, MAV, MAV-ZU, MAV-ZU-15. machine gun, mounted on the new Lightweight Assault Vehicle developed by South African defence.

MVZU 15.5M1 Artillery Vehicle. 1st March 1837: SA makes first experimental models of weapons and ammunition for Zulu army. Bk IX - Zulu War - Battle of Isandlwana - 23/24 January 1879.

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