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the zatch bell! series is known in japan for its varied take on the mamodo genre. for example, the villains of the manga are usually a group of mamodo battles, and many of the episodes take place in a mamodo world, and there are many playable characters that can participate in the battles. 

zatch bell was designed to be an affable, mischievous, and energetic boy, and modeled after the personality of viewers at the time of its release. while early episodes revolved mostly around zatch having adventures and being silly, he eventually became more mature and mature events became more common. as the series progressed, zatch became less mischievous and more mature and serious. as a result, the character of zatch bell became much less likeable than he was at the beginning of the series. 

 in the anime, zatch bell did not have a childhood. he is somewhat dimwitted, and feels he can't rely on anyone but himself, so in the series he is shown to be a bit cocky and stubborn. he is also shown to be somewhat naive, and sees dangers that are not there, though his actions typically make up for this. he is clumsy, clumsily knocking over his foes, but he also usually comes back to help them. he is a little impulsive, and tends to talk very quickly and impulsively.

meiji ryuko is a japanese manga artist. she runs the risk of death in the movie, because her exhibition involves supernatural powers. her first work, a manga titled lovely bones, is about a woman who dies and has to return to life. 

the anime also introduces a series of secondary characters, including mamodokiyo takamine, a junior high school student who has a highiq. when he is teased at school, he often vents his frustrations by pretending to punch his classmates. zatch immediately recognizes that he is not a grownup and plays along with the charade. after forming a friendship with zatch, kiyo decides to join zatch in the mamodo world where he becomes popular and eventually realizes that, like zatch, he also has a hidden side. when he asks zatch to help him enter the mamodo school, the two become classmates who frequently help each other with their duties at school. kiyo is disappointed when zatch confesses his love for a student named suzy mizuno and kiyo finally realizes his true feelings for suzy. he vows to make sure that zatch chooses suzy over himself. 81555fee3f

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