Dialog Naskah Drama Ramayana Bahasa Jawa [PORTABLE]

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Naskah drama Ramayana bahasa Jawa

dialog naskah drama ramayana bahasa jawa

Olivia sighs and lost her all

Welcome to our website place! Olivia sighs and lost her all frustrated because she didn't get tired yet.

Olivia sighs and lost her all frustrated because she didn't get tired yet.

"It's the end of the day and have to get up early tomorrow. I still don't know why my cousin Abra told me she's sick. This isn't her first time to behave like this. Why did she forget our promise to visit me?"

"Yaa. Yesterday after visiting your friend Anac, who told me my wife is sick. He told me your wife got this sickness when she was giving birth to my daughter. Then, that's why she took care of your baby, Olivia. But I never said my wife is sick. How could he suddenly told me that? I've never met him in my life. Please don't lie to me this time."

"I don't lie. I swear I didn't lie to you. But, you are lying to me by saying your wife is sick. I didn't lie to you. If you are not happy with me, please accept it. I want to go now," she said, and she turned to Olivia's direction.

"Yaa. You stay here, my dear. I'll be back soon," she said, and she tried to turn off the water tap, but it was already gone.

Olivia was still in the bathroom, with the sound of running water, the power of the shower still on.

The bathroom door began to crack, and the door slowly open wide. This time, Abra was coming out.

"Your wife is sick. She's sleeping. You know you've got to wake up early tomorrow morning. I won't let you come home late tonight. You just give me time to find out where you're going, OK?"

Abra started to look around the room. Olivia was still in the bathroom.

"Yaa. She's here. I need a piece of cloth. Hold on a moment," Abra said, and he headed to the bathroom. Abra took a piece of cloth off from