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CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 2018 is completely free to use. There is a free version available that allows you to make some adjustments, like change the Look & Feel settings or view available effects. The paid version, which costs $29.95, is pretty affordable, though, and offers more advanced features such as the ability to add GoPro to your clips, or rotate a user's clip to fit on a smaller space. Additional features include the ability to adjust the colors in your clip, as well as a few special effects.

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 2019 offers a large number of high definition features, and lets you save your video as progressive JPEG, a compressed 4K MOV file, or a WMV file which is more efficient, especially if you need to make a compressed MP4 or a H.264 file. The Editions includes Pro, Standard, and Lite, which are all free. The Pro edition is the most full-featured, and enables you to do things like create titles, trim, blend clips, add filters to your clips, change the look and feel, as well as add effects, and apply them to clips. The Standard version is free, and is used primarily for editing video, but it does also have some limited editing features. The Lite version is free, and includes limited editing features such as trimming and color adjustment.

At the software's Mac App Store page there's a link to the software's new Mac App Store page where you'll have to download the software directly from the developer. Alternately, you can find the software at its website. The price of the Mac app is $59.99 and the price for the Windows version is $49.99. After installing the software, be sure to follow the steps to use the program. 81555fee3f


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Webpack3 Webpack-dev-server - url path is not working

I just tried to move from webpack 2 to 3. My project is working fine with webpack 2 but not with webpack 3.

I want to see my development server when I run my app 

I can find the dappUrl in my html file. 

Am I missing something here? (it works fine in webpack 2)


    //port: 8080

    dappUrl: '',






I expected to see "" 

please check this  


@import "styles/app";


'use strict';

import App from './components/App';

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() 

    var React = require('react');

    var ReactDom = require('react-dom');







const path = require('path');

const CopyWebpackPlugin = require('copy-webpack-plugin');

const ExtractTextPlugin = require("extract-text-webpack-plugin");