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a clinical trial reported that cbd (300 mg/day) produced clinically significant improvements in anxiety related to the startle reaction, as well as in visual attention, during a social evaluative threat task in healthy individuals compared to placebo. this suggests that cbd might be able to reduce stress-related anxiety in those who tend to experience this condition more frequently, like those who are more socially anxious reference 935 .

a clinical trial reported that a moderate dose of cbd (200 mg, twice daily) for six weeks was associated with significantly reduced latency to sleep onset and increased total sleeping time in patients with primary insomnia who were otherwise well-controlled on cbt with benzodiazepines reference 936 . another cbd trial reported that cbd-cts (600 mg/day) as add-on treatment to ssri/snri medications in 22 patients with major depression and 17 patients with social anxiety disorder yielded a significant treatment benefit in both groups reference 934 . however, the study also reported that cbd-cts was associated with a significant increase in the incidence of somnolence in patients with social anxiety disorder (and in those with major depressive disorder without concomitant social anxiety).

the safety and efficacy of cbd reference 1004 , 9-thc reference 946 , or cbd+9-thc were compared in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 12 patients with cannabis use disorder. both treatments led to significant improvements in cannabis use and other measures of cannabis-related outcomes. additionally, treatment with cbd was associated with lower plasma thc and higher plasma cbd levels, while a numerical trend towards lower plasma levels of thc-cooh was seen in the cbd+9-thc group. the authors conclude that cbd, with higher plasma cbd concentrations, does not appear to enhance negative effects of chronic cannabis use and may have a potential role as a pharmacotherapy for cannabis use disorders. 81555fee3f