How to make money on YouTube in 2022


April 07, 2022

Youtube platform allows users to upload videos to store and share for viewers to generate online income directly or indirectly. This is an ideal and flexible form of making money online.

Youtube has focused on investing in options for Youtubers from video advertising, combined with brands and sales features to membership packages, so your idea will quickly turn into your own revenue. YouTube's goal is to help creators build diverse business models and their fan bases. However, your account must accumulate enough watch hours in a year and reach enough subscribers according to Youtube's regulations to be eligible to take part in making money on Youtube.

#1. Youtube partner program

Youtube Partner Program (YPP) is Youtube's cooperation program with Creators to display ads on videos. As seen, advertising is the core value in increasing the revenue that Creators can earn on YouTube.

Once you join, you can start earning money from ads and YouTube Premium subscribers when they watch your content. In addition, you can also access other revenue sources such as Channel Memberships or Super Chat.

#2. YouTube Shorts 

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund for passionate Creators between 2021-2022, as they produce and post videos that bring joy to the YouTube community. Every month, Youtube will contact thousands of eligible Creators to announce and award a sum of money from that Fund. As a result, creators can earn an additional $100 to $10,000 based on viewership and engagement on their Shorts video.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is the most popular form of making money online in recent times. Affiliate Creators can build videos with content such as reviews and product experiences, and provide information or product features to viewers in a reliable way. Then put a link in the video's description, or include it in your video.

#4. Business, selling online on Youtube

Youtube is the place of choice for online businesses besides Facebook, Instagram, or other e-commerce platforms. Focus on building your channel's content to be unique and attract a lot of followers, you can use it to develop your online business and increase income in other forms.

#5. Combined with Youtube BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect (formerly known as FameBit) helps Creators connect with the right brands to run branding campaigns in video content. In this campaign, you get to be creative and choose which advertisers to work with.

#6. Attach Joyme to Youtube bio

Joyme is a bio link platform that gives users a space to share all the content they want, removing all limitations of content creators. With Joyme, you can host and share art projects or social networks, and delight in creating your own stores with Affiliate products or your own.

In addition, attaching a bio link to the description on Youtube helps you synthesize the content and products you want to share with your fans in the most convenient and fastest way. Let's explore more features of bio link at Joyme to increase your own income!

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