How to create bio link for KOL Beauty


March 17, 2022

The beauty industry is getting more and more advanced and has strong development steps.  KOL Beauty is likened to a new force in the beauty world and bio link is also where KOL Beauty focuses on image building.   


The trend of “onlineization” has quickly opened up countless great opportunities for KOL Beauty to develop their reputation and beauty brand closer to customers.  Besides famous artists, KOL Beauty also gradually "usurped the throne" and became the brightest face for brands, big and small.

In addition, KOL Beauty has started to independently develop and own its own line of beauty products. Now, KOL Beauty uses bio link as a place to show up products and increase the number of orders every day. Here are 4 guiding tips to create a professional bio link only for Joyme's KOL Beauty:  

1. Sort products by tab

To ‌list all your products intelligently without getting confused, you can use “Add tab” feature. This feature of Joyme makes it easy for users to view and select products in your bio link without spending too much time. 


2. Select and organize products efficiently

To quickly increase the number of orders, you need to learn carefully about the needs as well as which product lines are popular with customers. Besides, knowing how to calculate and arrange reasonable products on bio link is also an effective way to attract viewers and help them easily choose products.

3. Light theme, few textures

Most bio links of KOL Beauty will be cosmetic products, so when you use the Theme templates gently, without complicated textures, it will help your bio link "cleaner" and your products become more prominent.


 4. The right font, the size is easy to read

One of the taboo things when designing bio link is not to use fonts that are too small, which will cause problems for readers. Coming to Joyme, you have over 50 choices of fonts from simple to sophisticated according to the trend of young people.

Technological developments have fueled the rise of KOL Beauty. A series of KOL Beauty appeared and led the trend on social networking platforms. It is impossible not to mention, KOL Beauty has used bio link to develop the trend of "differentiation" and create their own path. Therefore, knowing how to seize opportunities and proactively incorporate new ways will help you take control of your journey.

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