Why do popular streamers use "Link in bio"?


January 12, 2022

Understanding the difficulties that content creators face on today's social networking platforms, Link in bio was born as an effective solution, helping to change the trend of accessing information and content for youths, especially creators.


As you can see, we are living in the prime era of social media. Along with advanced technology, content creation has become a trendy choice of career to youths. Many creators made their debut one after another, and they are in need of a place to store and share content with their fans. In order to satisfy their demand, we have created an endless space to serve the mode of quantitative linking that can be inserted in the bio of Instagram or other social networks, and it is called "Link in Bio".

1. What’s Link in bio?

Link in bio is a form of short link. You can collect, display and manage your contents all at the same time in one place. This link allows you to create a personalized and easily customizable page, containing all the important links that you want to share with people who are interested in your profile.

In fact, it can be seen as an online “card visit” where all your content and social media accounts are stored in order to create a unique trademark and provide your fans with easier access to your info.

This is considered a great tool for Gen Z to introduce themselves more precisely and concisely, as well as strengthening their connection with fans on many different platforms.

2. The benefits  


- Increase traffic 

Link in bio directs fans to your desired website. When fan engagement begins to increase, this means that your brand or product is well-known among people.

In addition, Bio Link will contribute to creating new opportunities to develop your product once you know how to attract readers with the most interesting content.

- Easy access fans 

Besides the optimal benefit of self-introduction, your fans can use the link in bio to refer to other information, or find and buy products, etc., this will create a wonderful experience for users when they access your bio link.

Link in bio will help you collect data and manage traffic engagement, reach out to your fans, understand the behavior of potential customers to come up with appropriate marketing strategy.

- Cost savings 

Link in bio is a simple “tool” with no or very low fees for more advanced features. Currently there are many free softwares to help you create a link in bio simply and quickly, within 5 minutes you can unleash your creativity and own a cool Bio link in your style.

- Affiliate Marketing

Link in bio creates opportunities for affiliate marketers to introduce products and services easily and effectively. This is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

- Increase revenue effectively 

For online stores, Bio Link is really effective when it comes to attracting followers and potential customers from other social networking sites directly to the sales website and online payment page. Not only does it increase traffic, but also improves sales.

3. Why do streamers use "Link in bio"? 


Streamer is the term used to refer to all people who do live broadcasts through online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, or Tiktok, etc. In recent years, streamers are gradually attracting the attention of the youths. According to a number of young people, this is also a profitable profession compared to other professions.

Today, the topic of streaming is not only about games, but has become even more diverse than before: from music, food to sports, etc.; therefore, there will be a lot of info/products that need to be stored as reference for users to look up online, as well as reviewing before purchasing. Therefore, Link in bio has become an effective "assistant" of streamers.

It can be said that Link in Bio is an extremely beneficial "tool" for streamers who are creating an excessive amount of content. It not only helps streamers increase their personal brand recognition but also introduces quality content and products to users to earn huge revenue for themselves.

Click to create your own Link in bio to identify your brand in the best way.

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