Which personal branding needs to use Link in bio?


March 22, 2022

Content creation develops day by day and most industries need to use social networks. Link in bio appears as a "savior position", which aims to meet the actual needs to serve the mode of quantitative linking that can be inserted on Instagram or TikTok.


Social media is an amazingly powerful tool for personal branding. Besides enhancing your competitive edge, personal branding also helps attract followers to your social media pages. Therefore, individual branding is a matter of much concern today. So which personal brands using Link in bio will grow up? Let's explore it with Joyme!

1. Content Creator

Content creation gradually rose to dominate the market, more and more Creators appeared and everyone focused on the quality of content released every day. Therefore, they need a place to synthesize and identify what content is most engaged by the audience to have a certain development. Link in bio is also a place to show an individual's lifestyle and way of thinking, so it becomes more and more popular with Creators.

2. Influencer/KOL

Currently, 4.0 technology and social networks are on the verge of dizzying development. Influencer / KOL has emerged as a trend chosen by organizations for their business and advertising strategies. One factor that helps build their "standard" personal brand is thanks to Link in bio. In order to stand out among a series of competitors, Influencers/KOLs use Link in bio as a place to express their personality and show up their finished products. By using the right Link in bio tactics, they can direct their followers to their blogs, YouTube, podcasts, or any other page.

3. KOL Affiliates

During the outbreak of the pandemic, countless business models came to a standstill. Affiliate Marketing appeared as a method of making money online to help users of social networking platforms have a new direction of development. For KOL Affiliate, Link in bio is a tool to help synthesize all the products they want to share with customers conveniently.

4. Youtuber

Youtuber is a job that takes up a lot of time, as they need to keep track of all the current trends. Only then can they develop the content niche they want. Now that there are short video platforms like IGTV and TikTok, you can post part of your video and then encourage your followers to watch the rest of your YouTube video by visiting the Link in bio on your profile. This is a great way to attract followers to your page.

Building a sustainable personal brand is not easy. Besides requiring self-development efforts, you can cleverly use Link in bio to help your fans get all your information with just one click.

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