What’s Bio Link? How to create your own Bio Link with Joyme?


January 10, 2022

Joyme is one of the first free-of-charge bio link platforms that provides users a place to share all the contents they want with no limits for content creators.


Most social platforms limit the number of links you can add to your profile. Bio Link appears as a solution to help store and display all your personal or business info, or the content that portraits your own signature style.

As Bio Link has been becoming a trend nowadays, how can we create a bio link with quick and simple steps but still have your own style? Joyme is here to show you all the tips from A to Z, you will own the coolest bio link within 5 minutes.

Step 1: Sign up -


- Choose “Sign up” to register. You can use Google, Facebook or Email to create your own account at Joyme.

- Next, select your username.

Step 2: Import from another bio link


- Enter another Bio Link to sync to your account.

Step 3: Magic Setup


- Enter your full name, nickname or business name at “Your name”

- “Tagline” will default to your username. You can change whenever you want.

- Add more to “Your Social Media Accounts”.

Step 4: Background theme


- A variety of themes are available at Joyme. Especially, Joyme also has gif themes. You can choose and fix other details however you want. 

- If you want to create something different, you can choose your own picture and change it into your theme. 

Step 5: Complete your Bio Link

- After finishing the setup, your Joyme is ready. You can choose “Continue” to add more links, for example, video, picture, product, or your blog. 

- Besides, “Edit theme” will help you design your own Bio Link with more than 50 fonts.


- The “View” section displays an overview of your Bio Link.

And there you go, you have finished creating your own “name card online” within just a few minutes. From now on, you can copy your cool Joyme link and insert it into your Instagram bio and many other social platforms. Creating an aesthetically pleasing bio link not only helps to promote your own brand but also comes with monetary opportunity. So please visit and try out Joyme for a more efficient experience.

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