Top 5 best Link in bio tools


January 11, 2022

“Link in bio” or “Bio Link” appears quite new recently, but it has been a trendsetter among the youths. 


In the 4.0-era of advanced technology, it’s normal for a person to have 4-5 social media accounts from different sites. But in fact, not all social networking sites allow users to add multiple links in their bio. Therefore, Link in bio becomes an effective solution favored by users, especially Gen Z. Link in bio not only works on Instagram, but it’s also widely used on other social networking platforms. 

Link in bio has optimized the user experience. Thanks to the integration of traffic measurement system, user can now review what interested their fans for better and approciate navigation. Here are some top Link in bio:

     1. Linktree


Launched in 2016, Linktree has become one of the leading Bio Link creation platforms popular with KOLs and influencers around the world, aiming to promote social networking sites or introduce other content products. 

With the free version, you can easily customize your profile and measure the number of clicks on links on your bio page. If you pay $6, your account will be upgraded to the Pro version with more features such as adding email, and the engagement schedule also displays a more in-depth analysis of those who have clicked on the link, ...

     2. Beacons


Considered as a competitor to Linktree, Beacons is a platform not to be missed for reviewers or those who are doing affiliate marketing and are in need of a place to insert multiple content links, products.

With Beacons, now you can enjoy designing and editing the interface according to your own preferences with the no-fee version. However, in order to make your profile stand out among others, with just $10, you can use all the best features of Beacons as a true "designer".

     3. Joyme


Joyme has only been released in recent months but it has created a wave of influence within the world of creators. Whether you're a content creator or anyone else, you can easily own a Joyme account without being too tech-savvy. 

The difference of Joyme in the market "Link in bio" is that you will not lose any fee but can still use the features of the premium version. In addition, Joyme also supports Vietnamese fonts and themes with animated gifs perfect for many recent trends among Vietnamese youths.

     4. Koji


Integrated with the “App Store”, Koji allows users to use over 150 “mini-apps” completely free, along with hundreds of other features supporting content creators. You will be quite overwhelmed the first time you use Koji, but don't worry because you will feel excited as soon as you get used to this Link in bio.

Besides, Koji also allows you to replace the logos of “mini-apps” with various funny gifs, and also the feature to convert images into dynamic themes to help you own a more attractive profile.

     5. Solo


Unlike other Bio Link; besides the features of free version, users can choose to use Solo with 3 different fees that suit the user’s needs. Although it has just been released in 2021, Solo is confident of owning more features when compared to Linktree itself. Solo might be a potential competitor in today's Links in bio.

Building a social network is easy. But if you know how to take advantage of apps to increase your presence and generate more traffic on different social media platforms, you can easily achieve your goal. Link in bio is guaranteed to become an outstanding application that gives users an extremely amazing experience.

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