5 Ways to get a perfect Link in Bio


January 13, 2022

Catching the digital transformation wave, Link in Bio helps content creators interact and enhance the value of their product content.

It’s easy to create one Link in bio. Keeping up with the modern trend of young Creators, how to own the most appropriate and perfect Link in Bio? Follow Joyme's steps to discover 5 impressive tricks below:

     1. A Memorable, Unique Username


It doesn’t become your Link in Bio until it’s actually the link in your bio on all your social media accounts. Your shortened link will go everywhere on your social profiles, but not everyone notices it. Therefore, a memorable and unique username will make your fans searching for you faster. 

     2. Use High-Contrast Colors

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Creating attraction, at first sight, is extremely important. Make sure that your background and text have contrasting colors. Similar colors will make it difficult for your fans to read and engage with your profile.

Besides, Joyme also expands the selection of GIF themes to help you create a highlight for your profile.

     3. Get Creative With Fonts


Capturing the psychology of youths, you will own a full set of fonts according to the latest trends at Joyme. Take advantage of this and experiment now in order to introduce your content and products to your fans in the most trendy way. 

     4. Express your own personality 


Besides the content you've shared on Link in bio, you can also express your personality with music playlists, worth watching movies, or self-composed products.

     5. Make Sure Visitors Stay in Your Profile


The most annoying for viewers is the situation of having to redirect to another website when accessing on mobile phones. But at Joyme, when a fan opens up your profile on Instagram’s mobile app, that transaction happens without leaving your profile and takes place entirely within Instagram.

Let's take advantage of the above tricks to own yourself the most perfect Link in bio.

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