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The crack opening deformation of the discontinuous layers is realized in two steps. The first step consists in a vertical closing with a constant radial tensile stress. The second and final step is the vertical expansion, assuming an exponential variation in the radial stress. While the first step determines the thickness of the layer, the expansion step, depending on the geometry, determines the amount of deformation A.

During the seismicity caused by the 2010 Maule earthquake sequence, a crack plane became widely visible in the new red channel of Landsat 5 in the area affected by this earthquake. This subject is under study of a research project coordinated by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB-Embrapa), presented in the scientific conference, "Geophysical Parameters of the Brazilian Volcanic Chain: Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Mission (MOLA)" and entitled "Landsat 5-based estimation of critical value of principal stress in the Central Volcanic Zone of Southern Chile, Maule Region". In the present study, we have used the most extensive data of this research for testing the robustness and reliability of the results with the latest Landsat imagery.

In the second part of the study, the two-axis ground settlements were modeled. The two-axis settlements analysis of Kom al-Shuqafa in the Roman period was simulated using the Plaxis 2D finite element software. The initial groundwater level was constant at 200 m below ground level.

A number of surface and underground excavations at El-Shatbi suffer from a common problem of water leakage. Over time, the infiltration may lead to increased humidity to excessive levels within the void created by the structure. This moisture and water seepage within the structure will cause cracking and peeling of rock surface layers and the formation of salt blooms and sub-fluorescences that can be dangerous to wall paint layers. The interaction of moisture with carbon dioxide may further degrade, resulting in the potential leakage of unwanted gases or dangerous chemicals from the surrounding soil. 81555fee3f

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