Axtrom Vga XTVNX72GS256 19

axtrom vga xtvnx72gs256 19 is a new 79-inch model from axtrom. the vga xtvnx72gs256 19 has a resolution of 1024x720 (non-hd), a brightness of 1000 cd/m², a contrast ratio of 50:1 and a response time of 5 ms. it has a frame rate of 60 hz and a pixel density of 0.235 pixels/mm. 

the axtrom vga xtvnx72gs256 19 features an led backlight, which gives a vivid picture. a small control panel on the back offers access to adjustments like contrast, brightness and colour. the axtrom vga xtvnx72gs256 19 is available in a number of colours, such as black and white. 

the vga xtvnx72gs has a native resolution of 1,152x864 and offers the same features as the vga xtvnx72. it has a maximum resolution of 1,152x864 and supports up to 19 special video modes (listed in the table below). in addition, the vga xtvnx72gs is compatible with a wide range of modern hardware. it has a standard vga connector, a dvi-d connector, a displayport connector, and a d-sub connector. the device has the following technical data:  product type: vga multimedia monitor input: video: vga output: video: vga maximum resolution: 1,152x864 display size: 19.7" display type: lcd display technology: lcd display resolution: 1024x768 display contrast: 1000:1 display orientation: horizontal display type: lcd number of ports: 1 brand: axtrom availability: october 2005 

axtrom vga xtvnx72gs256 19. axtrom vga xtvnx72gs256 is a single monitor version of the popular vga xtvnx72gs. it features a 19" flat panel display with a resolution of 1,152x864 and a diagonal of 19.7". the device supports a native resolution of 1,152x864 and has additional resolutions of 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 320x240, and 160x120. a special feature is that the display supports resolutions of up to 1,152x864. this makes it possible to connect two screens in a vga (two-link) fashion. due to the form factor of a single monitor, this is not possible using a vga/dvi/displayport adapter with this device. 81555fee3f

Press release

For immediate release:

October 11, 2019

Toronto, ON—October 11, 2019 – Today BitTorrent Inc., creators of the world’s most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing network and leading provider of applications and services for file sharing, announces the release of “Axtrom”. Available at, this new project gives movie buffs a way to turn their PCs into DVD players. Axtrom uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to make downloading and watching movies easier than ever. Now anyone can enjoy a full-length movie without having to pay exorbitant fees charged by on-demand streaming services, which are often locked to specific devices. And Axtrom can download and play any movie in its library for free.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this technology and we hope it will become a part of people’s lives – providing them with access to a library of movies online, and it’s completely free,” said Sam Ramji, founder and CEO of BitTorrent Inc. “Customers can choose how much quality they want, and they can playback all movies in their library on any device.”

Axtrom is one of BitTorrent’s biggest innovations in its nearly 20-year history. It is an entirely new technology as well as a different business model. It is entirely free and not in the business of monetizing content. This is BitTorrent’s first major project since it was acquired by the San Francisco-based company in August 2018.

How It Works

With Axtrom, users download an Axtrom client to their computer, and install an app (it’s called the Player) on their device. Then they can start a movie with just a few clicks. The software will download as many as 10 times, to ensure users get the highest quality possible. The technology makes movie downloads as smooth as watching a rented movie, without the need for complicated pausing. Axtrom movie downloads are complete when the Movie is done, instead of when the playback has stopped.

The Axtrom app is similar to Netflix, and BitTorrent