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 the following inputs are required:   image files - the name(s) of the input image files are required, where each file is a jpeg or png image. extension - the extension of the images, which are the file format of the images. 

displays a machine learning model that uses the gemvmatrix8 function to produce a binary image. this model is suitable for the detection of full cmos imaging sensor modules. this model requires the matlab toolbox for image processing to be installed. if the toolbox is not installed, this tool will only show a basic structure of the model and no results. 

you can use this tool to monitor the model's behavior, to know if the model is able to recognize the presence of the imaging sensor modules in images and where these modules are located inside the image. 

gemvision-matrix 8 fully decodes the frames of captured video. the quality is usually great, but on low memory devices, this script can run slower than running the machine up to 100% cpu, and the color data channels (red, blue, green) take a long time to decode. since this is only a minor drawback, i have tested it on several different machines and found only one on which it ran slower than on the others. this is probably due to the way all color data is compressed in jpeg format. 81555fee3f

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