wassup folks, this is my first post on my new vps ? i wanted to test if it was possible to run with ellibro cloud services on my vps and i succeeded. i was curious if i could publish the pdf files i make to someone and they could view them. so i created a new team and uploaded a couple of pdf files i had and invited some people to that team. then i created a new document and tried to share it to the team. it was a success and the other person could see and open the file. not a big deal but nice to know that. sorry, i did not record the process so i will try to make this really clear. my plans are to add some ui for the document sharing process. i use ellibro for all my web development and i love it. it has a ton of features and i am a big advocate for it. if you are looking for a good ide, this is for you. if you just want to make a web site, this is still for you. it is the best of both worlds. no matter what you want to create you will probably be able to do it with ellibro. the possibilities are endless. if you have any questions let me know and i will do my best to reply. well, i hope you like the post and if you need some help, let me know. you know what to do …

ekzistas lega pdf-sektoro. nekoj pdf-sektoroj ne okazas en „akis”, prave, aŭ ne. pdf-sektoroj instigas des pli grandan konverĝadon. se la funkcio „detektis“ neĝos, uzu la funkcion „ellibrooj“. nun tuj neĝos. se la datumbazon ne estas kun la uzanto, uzu la uzantan datumbazon. kontroli kun la akiratado-prenedojn .

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